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Lucideus is complete cyber security solutions provider. It provides Cyber Space Security Consultancy, Training and Solutions. http://lucideus.com/
Our objective is to inculcate a knowledge-based culture of safe and secure use of web-spaces, eliminating the disruptions to your business and life. We arm you with all the requisite ammunition, in the process, ensuring and enlightening you with the needed knowledge so that your data remains available and accurate just as you would want it.
Company Overview
Lucideus WSPT
Conventional penetration testing cannot provide you with the level of security that our dedicated WISE team can.

Lucideus Trainings
Thousands of uber trained individuals already produced in the most advanced IT security labs in all of India.

Lucideus Labs
Lucideus Labs is where out think tanks stand on guard to develop custom tailored applications ready for deployment.
Lucideus, a cyber space security leader, is the trusted standard for companies that need to protect their brands, businesses and dignity from debilitating Cyber attacks.
We are a select group of Cyber Analysts who lay bare before you the concealed faces of World Wide Web. We Teach, Analyze, Train and Remediate. We deliver easy-to-use security products and services, both generic and customized to keep your web-space and networks protected.

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