Sunday, 23 February 2014

Web App Pentest - Part 1 Introduction

In this series of articles, I am going to demonstrate how you can manually exploit the vulnerability of a web application, compared to using any automation tool, in order to find vulnerabilities in the application. Almost all companies worldwide focus on manual testing of web application rather than running web application scanners, which limit your knowledge and skills and the scope of finding a vulnerability with your testing.
For the whole series I am going to use these programs:

Various Types of Wireless Attacks

As we all know that wireless networks are spread at each and every  part of the world starting from personal home to corporate business, schools/universities, cafes etc.. Major merit of wireless network is of eliminating the big and tidy cables which acquires space and not spoiling the look of your working area. But as we all know that each coin has two sides. There are demerits of wireless networks as well. It comes with high possibility of attacks on it. In this article I am going to describe different techniques of wireless attacks from the world and what we should do to prevent those attacks on wireless networks.